Precompiled Ubuntu kernel for AC100

These percompiled kernel files are usefull to use if you want to port a new GNU/Linux distribution to the AC100.
The kernel itself are compiled with all default Ubuntu modules (alot of modules) so USB/Bluetooth hardware support are amazingly good.

We currently use this kernel and modules for the AC100 Ubuntu 10.10 root filesystem and boot images.
These kernel sources are compiled from the Toshiba GPL kernel source code tarball and using this Ubuntu kernel config.txt.

[DIR]Parent Directory  -
[   ]modules-2.6.29-arm2-ac100.tgz12-Oct-2010 22:41 125M
[   ]modules-2.6.29-arm2-ac100.tgz.md5sum12-Oct-2010 22:41 64
[   ]tegra-2.6.29-arm2-ac100-boot.img12-Oct-2010 22:31 4.4M
[   ]tegra-2.6.29-arm2-ac100-boot.img.md5sum12-Oct-2010 22:31 67
[DIR]usb-sound21-Oct-2010 12:40Folder

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